About Us

SPD Life is an unofficial organization founded in 2008 by Daniel Travis, an adult with Sensory Processing Disorder. It is the first organization dedicated to advocating for adults with SPD.

This website was built to fill a hole in the SPD community. Adults often have a hard time finding information on how to cope with SPD without first having to filter through a ton of information on children. This site is the first to offer that filter, to be a place for adults in specific. Feel free to go ahead and try surfing around. What you find here might just help to change your life.

Our Goal and Mission

SPD Life strives to spread the word about Sensory Processing Disorder thoughout the world, and to help those whose lives are touched by this disorder. There is no set number of lives we are hoping to reach. If this site improves just one person's life, then we can consider it a great success. It is our hope that that person is you!

Our Staff

SPD Life is currently being ran by me, Daniel Travis. However, there are plenty others who have helped throughout the years, and we like to think of all of them as being a part of what makes SPD Life great. Here are a few others who form that 'we', who have helped make this site what it is today:

  • Erin Johnson - Has been a big part of SPD Life since its creation, and is a Host with SPD Parent SHARE.
  • Bev Isaacson - Has also been a key contributor and a great friend, and is also a Host with SPD Parent SHARE.
  • Karen C.
  • Rachel Schneider

All of the people listed above have been given the gift and the curse of Sensory Processing Disorder, but have made good use of their abilities, and have reached out and helped other adults with SPD. There are plenty more though, and still more are helping all the time.

If you would like to become a part of our team and help spread the word about SPD, find out more on our Hosting page.